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RIECO s.r.l. designs and manufactures cartridges and special tools to meet modern chip removal requirements.

This catalogue presents our standard range of products and several examples of special applications.

The indexable cartridges are designed for use in many applications, particularly boring. Radially and axially adjustable cartridges are ideal for tight tolerance machining. In addition,in the event of collision, compared to indexable tools, they permit a virtually immediate resetting of the boring bar by simply replacing the cartridge.

Our range includes lever lock cartridges and centre screw cartridges. Also, as well as the angles normally available on the market, we offer innovative configurations such as X and Y working angles of 20° and 10° respectively which are increasingly present in modern designs.

We also supply bore shanks used for machining in tight spaces and often solve problems of assembly.

Lastly, we also produce bar peeling cartridges on request.

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